KFD Members Practice Car Stabilization with Cribbing and Airbags
By Chief of Department Dean Pappas
July 31, 2017

Inflatable heavy duty airbags, used in conjunction with wooden block cribbing, are invaluable tools for firefighters to use when working a car accident.The heavy rubber airbags can be quickly set up under a car and are then inflated to lift the car, allowing access underneath the car, or to help lift it off of an obstruction like a guard rail. The airbags are always used with wooden cribbing to make sure the vehicle is stabilized and safe to operate around. On Monday night, KFD members practiced using airbags in combination with cribbing on a car donated to KFD by the Christofferson family of Katonah, whose son, Griffin, is a KFD member. The airbag system is carried on KFD's Rescue 17.