KFD's Top Responders for 2017
By Katonah Fire Department Web Site Committee
January 3, 2018

Katonah Fire Department responded to 345 alarms in 2017. Congratulations to the top 15 responders for the year:

1. Ex Chief Hank Bergson--237 calls
2. Firefighter Chris Stanton—184 calls
3. Firefighter Robert Hickey—162 calls
4. Lieutenant Michael Lehrer--147 calls
5. Firefighter Harry Rosenblum—141 calls
6. Lieutenant Joe Lombardo—136 calls
7. Firefighter Brian Lehrer—134 calls
8. Firefighter Robert DeAlto—122 calls
9. Sergeant Scott Whalen—106 calls
10. Firefighter Tom Connolly—106 calls
11. Firefighter Jeff Jeffries--104 calls
12. Captain Matt Jeffries—102 calls
13. Captain Dave Jeffries--98 calls
14. Ex-Chief Bennett Schuberg--98 calls
15. Lieutenant Brian Cohen--92 calls

Our chief officers also responded to a large segment of calls this year:

Chief Dean Pappas—267 calls
First Assistant Chief Jose Corsino—117 calls
Second Assistant Chief Michael Griffiths—117 calls

The chiefs wish to thank all members who "answered the call" in the Katonah Fire District in 2017.

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