KFD Responds to Chimney Fire
By Chief of Department Dean W. Pappas
January 14, 2018

On a frigid Sunday afternoon, Katonah Fire Department responded to a report of a chimney fire on Maple Avenue. Car 2211 arrived on scene and reported smoke, but no visible fire. The house had been evacuated. Engine 115 and Ladder 39 responded almost simultaneously and positioned themselves in the driveway in front of the structure. E-115's crew immediately entered the house to check the fireplaces while L-39 extended its ladder to the roof to check the chimney from above. Tanker 6 arrived on scene and stood by on the road, ready to provide an additional 3500 gallons of water if needed. After carefully checking the walls surrounding the chimney with the thermal imaging camera, it was determined that the fire was confined to the chimney and had soon burned itself out. As a precaution, the home's boiler was turned off as it uses the same chimney as the fireplace. Crews cleared the burned debris from the fireplace and dumped the embers outside away from any combustible grass, leaves or foliage. KFD reminds residents to please clean chimneys annually and exercise care when lighting fires in fireplaces.

Units: Car 2211, Car 2212, Car 2213, Engine 115, Ladder 39, Tanker 6