2018-2019 Line Officers
By Lieutenant Brian Cohen
May 2, 2018

We would like to introduce and congratulate our 2018-2019 line officers:

Chief of Department:
Jose Corsino

1st Assistant Chief:
Michael Griffiths

2nd Assistant Chief:
Matthew Francis

Engine and Hose Company 1
Captain: Rick Palmerini
Lieutenant: Bobby Bosco

Engine and Hose Company 2
Captain: Roberto Juarez
Lieutenant: Brian Cohen

Engine and Hose Company 3
Captain: Alex Pollack
Lieutenant: Jeffrey Francis

Engine and Hose Company 4
Captain: Kate Hallex
Lieutenant: Robert Hickey

Rescue Company
Captain: Michael Lehrer
Lieutenant: John Whalen
Sergeant: Scott Whalen

Tanker Company
Captain: Joseph Lombardo
Lieutenant: Brian Lehrer