Donated Car Is Cut, Then Burned
By Ex-Chief Dean W. Pappas
August 20, 2018

Katonah firefighters were able to get two valuable training sessions out of a donated car. One week ago, firefighters practiced extrication and rescue techniques on a donated Volvo station wagon. Then, Monday night, the same car was set on fire and fire crews were able to practice extinguishing a car fire. A burning car presents many hazards, including exploding tires and gas tanks, exploding airbags, and flying pistons from hatchbacks that turn into projectiles due to the heat. Thus, having the opportunity to practice on a donated vehicle is priceless. Residents who wish to donate their old vehicle to the fire department can contact us at Once the car, title and keys are turned over to us, you'll receive a letter enabling you to earn a tax credit for the donation.