New Pierce Engine 116 is In Service
By Second Assistant Chief Matthew Whalen
January 9, 2019

Today KFD's new Pierce Enforcer Engine was placed into service. Engine 116 currently carries 850 gallons of water, 20 gallons of class A foam, 1,600' of 5" hose, several pre-connected hose lines on all 4 sides of the engine, ground ladders, thermal imaging camera, multiple gas detectors and a full complement of saws, hand tools and SCBAs. The engine carries 6 firefighters and has some firefighter safety features to reduce injury to our firefighters such as a low hose bed, easy-to-remove from the ground hose bed restraints or "barrier doors" that don't go the full length of the doorway, in order to allow the doors to fully open over items like car hoods or guardrails. The engine also has side mounted cameras that engage when the turn signal is activated to assist the driver with blind spots. These cameras also can be accessed from the pump panel so the driver can see the other sides of the truck to monitor hose lines on those sides. We look forward to a long, healthy and safe life with Engine 116.