Members Train on Forcible Entry
By Ex Chief Dean W. Pappas
May 7, 2019

At Monday night's weekly drill, KFD members took advantage of the County Training Center's Forcible Entry Simulator to work on their forcible entry skills. At times, when keys are not available, fire crews will use a variety of tools, including sledge hammers, halligans and axes to force a door and gain entry. The simulator consists of a metal door that can be repeatedly wedged shut with wooden shims. This allows rotating crews of firefighters to work on the procedure for forcing a door. Although forcing a door can be a two-person effort, there are times when limited personnel mean that one person needs to force the door. The county's forcible entry simulator is one of the props that is kept full time at Katonah Fire Department, as our headquarters is a satellite training center for the county's Firefighting Academy. Monday night's drill was led by KFD line officers Captain Whalen, and Lieutenants Waful, Whalen, and Lehrer.