Scenario Drill A Great Help in Forming an Incident Response
By Ex Chief Dean W. Pappas
May 21, 2019

On Monday, May 20, Katonah Fire Department's Weekly Drill focused on a house located at the end of Wildwood Road. Because of the difficulty of access to the house, it was decided to hold a drill on the property in order to determine the best way to set up in case of an incident there. Engine 116, Ladder 39, Engine 115, Utility 8 and Car 2211 participated in the drill, that had been previously mapped out by member Tom Connolly. The drill consisted of several components. The first was determining what fire trucks could fit on the property and how they would be set up to handle a fire. The second component involved a walk-around, where various features of the old Victorian home were pointed out. Then, Ladder 39 extended its aerial to various parts of the three-story structure, depending on where the fire might be, for rescue purposes, or as an additional egress for fire crews working inside the structure. Finally, members walked along an access road that led from the Katonah Memorial Park pool to the home's property, to see if it could serve as an additional access point for fire trucks. Following the on-site drill, members returned back to the fire house and held a debrief in the training room. The drill resulted in several concrete proposals that will help ensure a fast, effective, and comprehensive response to the home. Katonah Fire Department extends its sincere thanks to the home's occupants for allowing us to disturb their Monday evening!

Units: Car 2211, Engine 115, Engine 116, Ladder 39, Utility 8