Ladder 39 Participates in Joint Drill with Golden's Bridge Fire Department
By Ex Chief Dean W. Pappas
June 26, 2019

Katonah Fire Department teamed up with Golden's Bridge Fire Department Tuesday night for a joint forced entry/search and rescue drill. GBFD's Engine 138 and Tanker participated, along with KFD's Ladder 39. Using KFD's training tower, fire crews from both departments engaged in two forcible entry/search and rescue simulations. In each case, firefighters had to advance a hose line, conduct an interior search, and remove two rescue dummies from the building with their visibility hampered by artificial smoke. The rescue dummies were removed from the building via multiple means to simulate the options that may or may not be present in a real fire. The drill provided valuable inter-agency coordination training and we were glad for the opportunity to work with our fellow firefighters from Golden's Bridge.

Units: Car 2212, Ladder 39, GBFD Engine 138, GBFD Tanker 1, GBFD Rescue 25