KFD Participates in Multi-Agency Active Shooter Drill
By Ex Chief Dean W. Pappas
July 24, 2019

The Harvey School was the setting Wednesday night for an Active Shooter Drill, organized by Bedford Police and Katonah-Bedford Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps. Katonah Fire Department, along with Bedford Hills Fire Department, participated in the drill as part of the joint Town of Bedford Rescue Task Force. The Rescue Task Force (RTF) consists of members from each Fire Department in the Town of Bedford who specifically train for Active Shooter type events. Several KFD members volunteered for this unit, which is in addition to their regular firefighting duties and trainings for the Fire Department. The Rescue Task Force enters the building moving with police during such a situation and assists with triage, immediate lifesaving measurers and victim removal from the building to a larger triage area. The drill Wednesday night consisted of three evolutions involving volunteers acting as patients. Working hand in hand with KBHVAC and Bedford Police, RTF members went into the Harvey School Arts Center and removed victims whose injuries would be encountered during an actual Active Shooter event. The victims were quickly assessed in the building and were then removed to an outside triage area for further treatment and transport to area hospitals. The drill helps various police, EMS and fire agencies work together to efficiently and quickly deal with a tragic event like an active shooter situation. Wednesday night's drill also laid the groundwork for future drills and trainings.

Units: Car 2213, Rescue 17