KFD Tanker 6 Participates in Multi Agency Tanker Drill in Somers
By Ex Chief Dean W. Pappas
August 28, 2019

In Northern Westchester County, fire hydrants may be available in downtown areas, but in many residential and rural areas, fire departments have to depend on Tanker trucks to carry water to a fire. Thus, training in Tanker Operations is a huge priority. Wednesday night, Somers Fire Department hosted a multi-agency Tanker Drill at the former IBM Campus off of Route 100. Somers' Tower Ladder 18 positioned itself at the top of a driveway in the office complex, and was fed by a Somers engine that also set up large ponds into which various mutual aid fire departments' tanker trucks could dump their tanks. The objective was to have Tower Ladder 18 maintain a steady flow of water onto a simulated fire, supplied by a continuous line of tanker trucks that dumped their tanks into the ponds, and then drove to a fill site to refill, and then come back to dump again. The operation went smoothly, with the shuttle tankers providing enough water for Tower Ladder 18 to flow a sustained amount of water for 55 minutes. In addition to KFD's Tanker 6, participating agencies included Mahopac Fire Department, Mahopac Falls Fire Department, Putnam Valley Fire Department, Bedford Hills Fire Department , Croton Falls Fire Department, and Golden's Bridge Fire Department. We're glad we had this training opportunity and we wish to thank Somers FD for inviting us.

Units: Tanker 6