Closed Chimney Flue Fills House with Smoke
By Ex Chief Dean W. Pappas
October 18, 2019

Katonah Fire Department was dispatched late Friday night to a possible chimney fire on Old Katonah Drive. The call came in at 9:55 and Engine 116, Ladder 39, Tanker 6, Car 2211, Car 2212, and Car 2213 responded. While enroute, Car 2211 also requested Mount Kisco Fire Department's FAST team. Upon arrival at the scene, it was discovered that a fire in the fireplace was started while the chimney flue was closed. The result was smoke backing up into the house. KFD personnel checked to make sure there was no chimney fire, and that there were no elevated carbon monoxide levels. After about 45 minutes on scene, the situation was placed under control. The house self vented and units were back in service by 10:55. The call was the fourth in a row that Katonah Fire Department responded to that day.