A Tour of Ladder 39
By Ex Chief Dean W. Pappas
February 10, 2020

Ever since its arrival at KFD in 2013, Ladder 39 has truly embodied the definition of a "working truck". Second due for just about every fire call, Ladder 39 is a versatile, powerful firefighting weapon in Katonah Fire Department's arsenal. Additionally, it's on the mutual aid list for other northern Westchester County fire departments. With a 400 gallon water tank, foam, a 75-foot aerial, a variety of ground ladders, 1000 feet of supply hose, as well as equipment for anything from chimney fires to rescues, Ladder 39 has enhanced KFD's ability to protect and serve. Monday night, members were given a refresher on all that Ladder 39 possesses, as it's vital for anyone who jumps on the truck to know exactly where everything is, and its purpose.