Training Tower Ideal Setting for Roof Operations
By Ex Chief Dean W. Pappas
November 25, 2019

KFD's three-story training tower behind headquarters is an ideal facility for all kinds of evolutions, including bailout, interior firefighting, search and rescue, and, at Monday night's drill, roof operations. The roof of the tower consists of a base, on which is an elevated panel where plywood is fastened so firefighters can train using saws to vent roofs without damaging the tower's actual roof. Monday night's drill consisted of positioning Ladder 39 so that crews could gain access to the roof, and then use vent and circular saws to cut holes that, in a real fire, would allow heavy smoke that builds up inside a structure to escape, thus improving visibility and safety for crews fighting the fire from inside the structure. Last night's training included the use of a roof ladder so crew members could have a stable platform from which to operate their saws, and proper backup procedures, where one fire fighter stabilizes the firefighter who is using the saw so he or she does not lose their balance. The use plywood can be quickly replaced with new plywood so that dozens of training evolutions can be carried out quickly.