2020 Drills Begin With Extrication Exercise
By Ex Chief Dean W. Pappas
January 6, 2020

Katonah Fire Department started off the new year with an extrication/vehicle cutting drill on a donated car Monday night. Under the direction of Lieutenants Whalen and Waful, members safely stabilized the vehicle with wooden cribbing and cut the battery cables. Then, using both hydraulic and battery-power cutters, rams, and spreaders ("Jaws of Life"), they took turns removing windows, the windshield, and the doors of the donated vehicle. Various approaches to removing the doors and windshield were first discussed, and then implemented under close supervision. Donated vehicles allow members to engage in realistic exercises that mimic exactly the kinds of situations they would find in actual motor vehicle accidents. As a large percentage of our calls are motor vehicle accident calls, this kind of training is invaluable. As to the donated cars, with tax season ramping up, a vehicle donated to the fire department may result in tax benefits to you. If you're interested in donating a vehicle for us to cut up or burn, please send a note to info@katonahfd.org.