KFD holds Water/Ice Rescue Drill
By Ex Chief Dean W. Pappas
February 24, 2020

Monday night, February 24, after responding to a structure fire earlier in the afternoon, Katonah Fire Department held a water/ice rescue drill. Katonah is surrounded by reservoirs and streams that supply areas with drinking water. In addition to providing water, the Cross River and Muscoot Reservoirs are used by the public for fishing year round. Katonah Fire Department members took turns putting on our ice/water rescue suits and entered the water. In addition to safety lines, KFD's boat was launched to keep an eye on members as they tried maneuvering in the water in the suits. The drill was great practice, with safety and communication techniques rehearsed so that they become second nature in an actual rescue. While we hope water/ice rescues are few and far between, we know we're ready for them if they should occur. Thank you to KBHVAC for providing a standby crew for the drill.