Weekly Drills Continue With COVID Precautions
By Ex Chief Dean W. Pappas
July 15, 2020

Starting in June, KFD went back to holding weekly drills in order to keep our members' firefighting skills sharp. Recognizing that COVID 19 is still very much a presence, the drills are now held on two or three separate nights each week, and each drill is limited to 10 members. Members who attend must wear face masks.This week, the drill focus was on stretching a pre-connected hose line from the engine to the structure, advancing into the structure, and simulate extinguishing a fire. The department's training tower served as the structure, and several evolutions were carried out--for a first floor fire, a second floor fire, and a basement fire. Firefighters rotated out, taking turns playing the roles of crew and officer. Additionally, driver training was carried out, with pump operators taking turns providing water for the evolutions. The drills will continue in this staggered fashion, thus enabling us to continue valuable training while posing a limited risk to members' health.

Attachment KFD Training 7-15-20.mp4  (74,776k)