Major MVA at Woodsbridge Road/Route 35 Intersection
By Ex Chief Dean W. Pappas
September 8, 2020

Katonah Firefighters were called out on a very hot Tuesday afternoon for a major motor vehicle accident that occurred around 1245 PM. A three-car accident had occurred at the intersection, causing one car to roll over, entrapping its occupant. Car 2213, Rescue 17, Engine 115 and Engine 117 all responded. Upon arrival, the Rescue's stabilization jacks were used, along with cribbing, to keep the vehicle from tipping over, while both sets of extrication tools--its cutters and spreaders--were used to gain access to the vehicle and remove the occupant. Traffic was rerouted during this time as the intersection was closed down. The occupant was transported by Katonah-Bedford Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps and Katonah units were back in service by 1:45PM.

Units: Car 2213, Rescue 17, Engine 115, Engine 117
Mutual Aid: WEMS, KBHVAC 65B2 and 65B3