Reported Structure Fire Turns Out to be Brush Fire
By Ex Chief Dean W. Pappas
November 8, 2020

A reported structure fire at the Katonah-Golden's Bridge fire districts border, that resulted in Golden's Bridge Fire Department being dispatched, turned out to be a brush fire behind the house. The call on North Salem Road at 5:40 PM initially brought out Golden's Bridge FD's Engine 139 and Tanker 1. Upon arrival, Golden's Bridge determined that the incident was a brush fire in Katonah's fire district, resulting in Katonah FD being dispatched as well. Cars 2211, 2212, Engine 117, Engine 116, and Tanker 6 all responded. Engine 117's, Tanker 6's and Engine 116's crews went to work, assisting Golden's Bridge firefighters with extinguishing the brush fire. Meanwhile, Tanker 6 began feeding water to Tanker 1. Both agencies were on scene until about 6:45 PM. The brush fire was extinguished with no damage to nearby structures.

Units: KFD: Car 2211, Car 2212, Engine 116, Engine 117, Tanker 6; Golden's Bridge: Engine 139, Tanker 1, Utility 38