Late Morning Backyard Brush Fire
By Ex Chief Dean W. Pappas
November 22, 2020

At around 11:20 Sunday morning, Katonah Firefighters were dispatched to a reported brush fire near a house. Because of the nature of the call, the response was treated as a structure fire. Engine 116, Ladder 39, Engine 115, and Engine 117 all responded. Engine 116 arrived on scene and confirmed an active 50X50 yard brush fire in the back yard of a house on Harris Road. Fortunately, the fire did not threaten the house, itself. Engine 116's crew stretched an inch and three-quarter hose line while crews from the other apparatus came to the scene with various tools used to assist with extinguishing the fire. Engine 116 also tied into a hydrant across the street from the house so that a steady source of water would be available, if needed. The brush fire was extinguished and KFD was back in service by 1230.

Units: Engine 116 (command), Engine 115, Engine 117, Ladder 39