Tanker 6 Assists Somers at Brush Fire
By Ex Chief Dean W. Pappas
March 14, 2021

On a busy Sunday during which we were twice requested to assist our neighbors to the South, Tanker 6 was dispatched at about 3:30 PM to assist Somers Fire Department with a large area brush fire. A downed wire started a brush fire near homes in the Lake Purdy's section of Somers. Tanker 6, along with Cars 2211 and 2213, went to the scene. Tanker 6's crew went to assist crews from Somers and Golden's Bridge that were extinguishing the brush fire. Meanwhile, Tanker 6 stood by to provide additional water. The brush fire was extinguished and Katonah's Tanker was released from the scene at about 5:20 PM.

Units: Car 2211, Car 2213, Tanker 6