Alarm System Alerts Homeowners to Attic Fire
By Ex Chief Dean W. Pappas
April 24, 2021

Saturday morning at about 9:15, Katonah Fire Department was dispatched to a residential alarm call on Lyon Ridge Road. As crews were assembling, a second report came in, indicating smoke in the structure. Then, it was confirmed that there was an active attic fire at the residence. Car 2211 immediately called for a 10-75, resulting in mutual aid units responding from Bedford Hills, Bedford Village, Croton Falls, Golden's Bridge, Mount Kisco, Millwood, South Salem, Somers, Yorktown, and Vista fire departments. Engine 116 and Ladder 39 were first on scene, along with Car 2211. Ladder 39 went into the driveway and set up its aerial at the front of the house. Engine 116 followed Ladder 39 into the driveway, and deployed its pre-connected hose lines and performed an aggressive interior attack. Meanwhile, additional personnel climbed the aerial to the roof, and cut ventilation holes in the roof to assist the interior crews. Tanker 6 came up, and connected a supply line to Engine 116, resulting in a steady flow of water. Additional tankers from mutual aid departments kept Tanker 6 topped off. Rescue 17 also responded with additional personnel. After an aggressive attack, the fire was brought under control by about 10:25, with personnel and apparatus remaining on scene for overhaul and checking to make sure all fire was completely extinguished. There were no injuries to either fire personnel or the home's occupants. Katonah units were back in service by about 11:30 AM. We extend our thanks to the mutual aid departments.

Units: Car 2211, Car 2212, Car 2213, Engine 116, Ladder 39, Tanker 6, Rescue 17
Mutual Aid: Battalion 16, Bedford Hills FD, Bedford Village FD, Croton Falls FD, Golden's Bridge FD, Millwood FD, South Salem FD, Somers FD, Yorktown FD, Vista FD, Bedford PD, Zone 5 Cause and Origin Team, Katonah-Bedford Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps

Norma Braun April 25, 2021 at 11:26 PM
Kudos to the ever brave firefighters who risk their lives to help.
Thank you!