Training in Any Kind of Weather
By Ex Chief Dean W. Pappas
June 29, 2021

Monday night, Katonah firefighters braved the heat index in order to drill on search and rescue, hose line advancement, and roof operations. Keeping in mind that fires occur in all kinds of weather, the exercises honed skills and focused on techniques and radio communication. Our on-site training tower was smoked out to simulate fire conditions, and we used the roof of our annex for additional training. Three separate evolutions were completed, giving members opportunities to alternate roles--firefighting, search and rescue, and roof operations, along with driver training in ladder operations and pump operations. Frequent breaks for water, ice, and debriefing helped to make the exercise tolerable for the dedicated members who participated. Special thanks to KBHVAC for standing by assisting with rehabilitation.

Units: Car 2212, Car 2213, Engine 115, Ladder 39
Mutual Aid: KBHVAC 6511