Tanker 6 Assists Mount Kisco at Metro North Substation Fire
By Ex Chief Dean W. Pappas
November 5, 2021

On Friday evening at about 8:20 PM, Katonah Fire Department's Tanker 6 was requested to respond mutual aid to Mount Kisco on a reported fire at a Metro North railroad electrical substation. A generator parked next to a newly-built substation had caught fire, and Tanker trucks were called because there are no nearby fire hydrants. Tanker 6 fed water to one of Mount Kisco Fire Department's engines, while its crew went to the scene to assist with extinguishment and overhaul. There were no injuries, but train service on the Harlem line was slowed or stopped due to the fire departments operating so close to the tracks. Katonah's crew was released from the scene at around 10 PM.

Units: Car 2213, Tanker 6