KFD's New Officers Assume Their Responsibilities Today
By Ex Chief Dean W. Pappas
May 1, 2022

In the beginning of April the Katonah Fire Department held various meetings where command officers and department officers were elected. These officers will hold their respective positions from May 1, 2022 till April 30, 2023. We would like to thank all of the outgoing officers and congratulate the newly elected officers.

Command Officers:
Chief of Department: Michael Griffiths
1st Assistant Chief: Matthew Whalen
2nd Assistant Chief: John Whalen

Engine & Hose Co. 1: (Engine 115)
Captain: Robert Bosco
Lieutenant: David Corsino

Engine & Hose Co. 2: (Engine 116)
Captain: Travis Paul
Lieutenant: Jason Valvano

Engine & Hose Co. 3: (Ladder 39)
Captain: Jeffrey Waful
Lieutenant: Robert DeAlto

Engine & Hose Co. 4: (Engine 117)
Captain: John Cohen
Lieutenant: Laurie DeRosa

Tanker Co. 1: (Tanker 6)
Captain: Brian Lehrer
Lieutenant: Joseph Lombardo

Rescue & Fire Police Co. 1: (Rescue 17)
Captain: Scott Whalen
Lieutenant: Michael Lehrer
Sergeant: Bennett Schuberg

Training Captain: Alexander Whalen
Training Captain: David Kane

Department Officers:
President: Dean Pappas
Vice President: Marc Spieler
Recording Secretary: Cathryn Long
Financial Secretary: Gabe Palacio
Treasurer: Paul Gallagher
Sergeant at Arms: Davide Palmerini
Steward: Robert Bosco