KFD and KBHVAC Start 2023 With Joint Training
By Ex Chief Dean W. Pappas
January 3, 2023

In an indicator of the two agencies working together more closely, an involved joint drill was held Monday night, with KBHVAC personnel providing guidelines and orientation for KFD members to prepare them for when KFD is dispatched to support KBHVAC in a variety of situations. Drill instruction focused on such areas as administering Narcan and EPI pens, using stair chairs, bleeding control, airway clearing, use of the LUCAS CPR machine, and proper securing and lifting techniques using Stokes baskets and backboards. Additionally, KFD personnel were given an overview of how to use the ambulance stretcher, and where equipment is stored on the rigs. Later this month, KFD personnel will take CPR recertification courses taught by KBHVAC personnel.

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