Ex Captain Chris Stanton Laid to Rest
By Ex Chief Dean W. Pappas
March 17, 2023

Thursday, March 16, Katonah Fire Department saluted 40 Year Member and Ex-Captain Chris Stanton with a formal Fire Department Procession and funeral service. KFD members in full uniform saluted Chris' casket as it was brought out of Clark Associates Funeral Home. It was placed on KFD's 1928 American LaFrance antique, "Mary Anne". Then, accompanied by KFD Command Vehicles, Engine 116 and Rescue 17, the procession slowly drove by Katonah Fire Department Headquarters, where Ex-Captain Robert Hickey rang the Fire Department Bell five times as Mary Anne drove past. The procession continued on to pass by Chris' house before ending up at St. Mary's Church for the funeral service. We've lost a highly-valued, much-loved member of our department. Rest in Peace, Firefighter Stanton. Our thanks to Ex-Captain Palacio for these great photos.

Funeral Procession of Ex Captain Chris J. Stanton: https://vimeo.com/809242606

Drone video by KFD Firefighter Jason LaFond.