Ladder 39, Tanker 6 Assist at Second Structure Fire in Two Nights
By Ex Chief Dean W. Pappas
May 14, 2023

Following a structure fire in Golden's Bridge Friday night, Ladder 39 and Tanker 6 were dispatched at about 3 AM Sunday morning to assist South Salem Fire Department at a structure fire on Pamela Lane. Ladder 39 was initially positioned to help fight the structure fire at the main house on the property. However, after a second structure on the property caught fire, Ladder 39 was repositioned to fight the second fire. Fire crews used two pre-connected hose lines off of Ladder 39, and, using the truck's 400 gallon booster tank, were able to keep the fire in the second structure in check until a tanker truck arrive to supply additional water to refill Ladder 39's booster tank. Meanwhile, Tanker 6 arrived on scene to help maintain a steady water supply for firefighting efforts at both structures. KFD crews were on scene until about 6:45 AM.