Serving Their Country; Serving Their Community
By Ex-Chief Dean W. Pappas
November 5, 2023

Katonah Fire Department has volunteers from all walks of life, with many varied backgrounds. Among those who serve their community 24/7, 365, are members who have served in our Armed Forces. We're proud to feature these individuals as we commemorate Veterans Day 2023. KFD Members who are veterans include:

Ex-Chief and Board of Fire Commissioners Chairman Hank Bergson (United States Army)
Ex- Chief Greg Repp (United States Air Force)
Ex Chief Lee Rockwell (United States Air Force)
Second Assistant Chief John Cohen (United States Army)
Company 1 Lieutenant Josh Corsino (United States Army)
Firefighter Mike Matteo (United States Air Force)
Firefighter John Quincy Lawton (United States Coast Guard)
Firefighter Dan Murphy (United States Marine Corps)
Firefighter Jason Hinkley (United States Marine Corps)
Firefighter Abigail Bergson (United States Army)
Firefighter David Krumlauf, Jr. (United States Marine Corps)
Firefighter Randall Lawrence (United States Air Force)
Firefighter Raf Reyes (United States Army)
Firefighter Antonio Reyes (United States Army)
Firefighter Hugh McGowan (United States Army)
Katonah Fire District Commissioner David Krumlauf, Sr. (United states Navy)
Katonah Fire District Counsel Clark Petschek (United States Army)