16 Years Ago in April . . .
By Ex Chief Dean W. Pappas
April 1, 2024

On April 13, 2008, Katonah Fire Department envisioned a scenario we hope never occurs--an explosion at an elementary school while school is in session. The department organized a mass casualty drill using Katonah Elementary School as the setting, and utilizing the children of many of our members as "victims". As most of those children already attended KES, they were very familiar with the surroundings. The drill simulated an explosion in the adjacent bus garage, and a fire spreading through the first floor near the kindergarten classrooms. KFD volunteers, with valuable assists from our mutual aid fire and EMS agencies, attacked the fire and carried out search and rescue and triage operations. The experience was incredible and the skills we gained, priceless. The embedded videos give you a taste of that day.