Trial By Fire Blazes a Path Through John Jay High School!
By Ex-Chief Dean W. Pappas
April 26, 2024

Teaming up with our fellow fire agencies from Vista, Golden's Bridge and South Salem, Katonah Fire Department held the first "Trial By Fire" muster at John Jay High School on Wednesday, April 24 and Thursday, April 25. Rotating teams of John Jay High School students went through three different stations--donning and doffing turnout gear (with water can and SCBA), dragging a dummy across the gym floor, and radio communications. Teams earned points based on how well they worked together to accomplish the tasks, with winning teams getting super cool Trial By Fire T-shirts.

Eager volunteers from all four fire departments oversaw the stations and guided the kids through the various evolutions. The two-day event really exposed a large group of potential recruits to the rewarding work volunteer fire agencies do day in and day out. Thank you to Katonah Fire Department's Captain Laurie DeRosa who arranged, organized, choreographed, oversaw, and implemented the program.

Units: Utility 8, Utility 22
Mutual Aid: Vista FD, Golden's Bridge FD, South Salem FD